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   Welcome to the world of exciting musical slideshows!

   Somebody asked the definition of a picture! Well, it is simply a visual conversion of a three-dimensional graphical information. I would blurt something different. Like music, it is one of the most effective mediums which is capable of connecting a machine to a heart. Really, a picture can describe what a thousand words can't. Sometimes, a photograph looks more real than the actual countenance of the situation would have been! It is very difficult to predict which photograph will evoke what kind of sentiment in a particular person. One may be charmed, one may be turned on, someone may be cast down, someone may be egged on, yet another could be freaked out or somebody may become nostalgic or taken aback, looking at the same photograph. But there are certain photographs like a baby grinning or a bee sucking honey from a flower or an eternal waterfall which never fail to amuse you. A photograph can take you miles down the memory lane; it can give you a glimpse of time travel. One such appealing photo can make your day!

   A timely taken shot with right optical configuration is invaluable. Sometimes, it takes many hours and multiple retakes to shot the desired pic. In spite of all these painstaking efforts, some photographers agree to make their meritorious images available for reuse with attribution, so full acclamation and gratitude to them.

   Oftentimes, I just imagine our DSLRs should capture as many beautiful photographs as possible and store them in the database so that the extant wealth of today will at least be the digital legacy of tomorrow! In the event of these disastrous environmental changes we see around today, who knows the today's treasure of smiling kids, flitting butterflies and bubbling brooks may well be a memory of tomorrow. Only the stars will continue to shine with all their infinitude!

   These slideshows are grouped into five categories: Nature, Faces, Countries, Travel and Miscellaneous with further submenus. These slideshows will be continually under development. Every time you visit, you may expect to find some new delightful snaps.

   Every pixel of the images is eager to talk to you. Enjoy!

   Isn't our life a slideshow with each new day being a new slide? There are slides in everyone's life, one would like to go back over them over and over again. But such moments are very scarce. The most delightful moments are those which come unexpectedly. Such fortuitous larger-than-life moments are even more scarce! Some of us have been fortunate enough to capture those moments in photographic images and share with others. Some of such images have been converted into slides. They have been grouped and presented in the form of beautiful jquery slideshows. Sit back, loosen up and get evanesced into the fascinating world of slideshows!

   New slides will be added constantly. So, expect to find some new stuff always you visit the site. Bookmark it!


  1. This article is indeed an eye-opener. I have never thought of my life as a slide show. But in reality that is what it is. Indeed our life is a slide show with each new day being a new slide.

  2. This is a very nice post, it has never occurred to me to look into my life as slides. Sometimes I take my life as a picture or reflection in the mirror but not as a slide. This is nice. And I am really happy you have enlightened me in this slide of my life.

  3. Haha ;;) Yes! Our life is like a slideshow. Very good analogy. I agree. There's so much beauty in this world, I'm eager to see your slideshows!

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  5. A very good collection of OLD SONGS. EXCELLENT

  6. Excellent


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